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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Clean and Steam VP7557 by Tefal

It is getting much harder to get down on all fours to mop the floor. My knees don't behave as they should anymore. The alternative is to stand up and mop. If so, I need to get through a room twice to get it as clean as I would like it to be, and even then, it is never as clean as I am able to get it, if I go on all fours to mop the floor.

I was desperate for a high tech solution.

For a few months, I eyed the Philips Aqua Trio Pro. See video below. I was turned off by poor online reviews of its reliability. It seems that this product needs quite a bit of after sales technical support.

Then I saw the Tefal VF7557 Clean and Steam

However, I could find no online reviews and so I didn't buy. Eventually, I discovered that this product retails in Europe as the Rowenta VF7557 Clean and Steam. I watched this review HERE. I was sold. So, I bought one.


It vacuums debris very effectively and simultaneously nukes the floor with super hot steam. Instead of pail after pail of water, I now need only 2 litres of water to mop the whole house.

The micro fibre mop does not get very dirty because most of the dirt is vacuumed. However, it does trap the fine dust particles that don't get into the vacuum. This results in a really clean floor, which has been disinfected with steam. After cleaning 1 storey, I remove the cloth for a good rinse and put it back to do the 2nd storey. Then, I rinse the cloth again to do the 3rd storey. Once all the floors are done, I throw the cloth into the washing machine. It later dries in the sun with the rest of the clothes.

Instead of having to sweep once and then mop twice, which requires three times the time. I now need one pass to get every floor surface super clean. This is an amazing machine. I so love it.


SUpErCHaN said...

Just like you, I am looking around for a review on this machine, and I am sold. Thank you for your review!

Anonymous said...

Hi im looking for similar products too. Previously had a steam cleaner which left my floor wet after a couple of rounds. In the end, i had to use a dry cloth of clean dry the floor.
Does Tefal VP7557 leaves the floor steam hot and dry ?