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Sunday, August 21, 2016

One Ninety at Four Seasons Hotel

The One Ninety Restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel is under-rated. It doesn't serve items of grand luxe like The Line, Shangri-La (with its 4 types of foie gras, fresh oysters, whole legs of lamb etc...). However, it has a skilled chef and whatever foods are there are good. The prices are more reasonable than The Line where I found the roasted meats very photogenic but did not taste good. Very dry. In contrast, at the One Ninety, the main dish is cooked in the kitchen when you signal them that you are done with the appetiser buffet.

And what an appetiser buffet they have!

Few places serve burrata. It isn't very well known in Singapore but I have missed burrata so much that I tried making it (with precious little success). Of note are also its truffle dishes. I had no trouble finishing my eggs with truffle flakes because the rest of the family each took a bit.

I did not take pictures of all the appetiser dishes. The selection below contains dishes that I particularly enjoyed.

Gluten free toast
Baba ghanoush


Pork pâté

Pork terrine

Pumpkin salad




Smoked burrata


Truffle ricotta

Poached egg with truffle shavings

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