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Sunday, July 17, 2016

The Adorable Flirt

The Husband and Smelly Boy go to a team of male hair dressers that charge $5 per cut. It is a small little HDB half shop that has chairs snaking out onto the five foot walkway. There are always queues because they cut well, fast and cheap.

I sometimes tag along and wait on one of the chairs.

I was just sitting and waiting when the lady next to me gave me the most cheeky smile I had ever seen. She had an entire head of perfectly coiffed black hair and an entire face so wrinkled you might think it was a 3D topographical map of the Grand Canyon. I reckon she was in her 80s. She asked me, "Are you waiting to get your hair cut?" I replied, "No, my husband cuts my hair for free."

Then she nodded towards one of the male hairdressers and said, "You should try him. He cuts well and he is handsome too!"

Then this octogenarian flashed me another cheeky smile and flashed her eyes up at the said hairdresser, who turned to her and raised his eye brows in a sort of "Come on, baby" look. This encouraged the lady with the wrinkled face to further compliments, "I stay in Woodlands and I cannot  walk. My daughter drives me here to get my hair cut because he cuts well and he is so handsome."

By this time, the other 2 hairdressers (one of who was cutting the octogenarian's hair) were smiling quietly at their scissors and The Husband was grinning from ear to ear. Everyone on the chairs were smiling at this little old lady's audacity and the way the hairdresser played along.

I found it adorable!

Then, the little old lady leaned towards me and said conspiratorially, "He is married." Then, she smiled, wrinkled face alight and eyes sparkling.

Our little family left the shop with lightened hearts and good spirits because she had introduced a sparkle of humour and good fun into our day. We all agreed that that must be the oldest, most adorable and most shameless flirt we had ever met.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing such a delightful encounter! Interesting to also note that there are still $5haircuts, and by a handsome hairdresser on top of it :)


Anonymous said...

Dr Pet,

Wah mai tu liao... where is this shop?
I am sure once you release the address, the owner can earn enough to lease the other half. =pp

Petunia Lee said...

Heh! Unfortunately, I personally did not think the hairdressers were handsome though.... LOL!