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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Knocknock Reclaimed Teak Furniture

When we renovated the big room, it seemed costly to do built-in furniture made of low quality materials such as plywood and laminate, knowing that such furniture would be worthless in future. I decided that the money was better spent on smaller pieces of furniture that would hold its value over time. I decided that I would buy less furniture but focus on quality instead.

Usually, such pieces are antique pieces. However, there is something creepy about unknown antiques. Unlike antiques that are handed down through generations, whose history you know, you don't know what kind of stories lie behind an antique of unknown provenance.

Perhaps the piece was witness to family tragedies of deep betrayal and violent hate. Perhaps the previous family that owned it was torn apart by strife and thought nothing of hurting each other. I did not want such spiritual taint in my home. You never know, you see.

So, when we came across these pieces of reclaimed teak at Knocknock in Tan Boon Liat Towers, we (The Husband and I) were both thrilled. The wood was old. It had been taken from old kampong houses made of teak. When they took apart the house, the wood was recycled. You can see how well weathered the wood is and how well bleached by the sun it is. The wood is very dry, having lost its moisture through years of standing out in the sun. These pieces will last more than a lifetime, which is more than can be said of furniture these days (made of compressed wood and plywood).

These pieces will gain value in time, as they further age from their emmmm... current agedness. In time to come, there will be no more old teak houses or ships to recycle into furniture. Then, they will be antiques that I give my own children. The simple design is also timeless and appeals to our taste for  a No Frills and No Clutter Look.

Anyway, after that (even with a decent discount from Knocknock), we ran out of budget and so we got a sofa from Ikea to sit on!! Hee!

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