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Monday, April 28, 2014

Rong Cheng Bak Kut Teh

It seems everyone has their favourite bak kut teh places. People have been recommending me their favourites. I don't mind trying each one out systematically because I don't think one can get sick of bak kut teh. It just is not possible. This one is at Blk 26, Sin Ming Lane, #01-114 to #01-117.

The restaurant is very spacious. The marble table tops bring me back 30 years, but the place is newly renovated and very clean. The circular Chinese tea cabinet in one corner is chockfull of charming tea paraphernalia. Very inspiring you know! I am inspired to go out and buy me a clay tea set with the bamboo drainage thing so that I can do my own tea appreciation at home!

I got in there at about 10.30am... and had a great time eating, drinking successive pours of tea and working off my laptop. I left at half past noon.

The kettles of boiling water are placed against the wall

Charming marble topped tables.

My tea set.

The pork ribs were not fall off the bone soft. 
This is not quite to my taste but I do understand that some people like it this way.

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