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Friday, April 25, 2014

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh

We are SO going back to Song Fa Bak Kut Teh at 11 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 059383. Nobody serves bak kut teh the traditional style anymore. Growing up, my parents and I frequented a restaurant at River Valley. The kettles sat on charcoal burners in the aisles. One had to be careful NOT to run around and knock down these kettles. I suppose that is why most hawkers don't serve bak kut the along with hot tea in charming clay teapots and mini Chinese tea cups.

The taste is different I tell you, when you take bak kut teh with a nice mouthful of strong Chinese tea after a few bites. The soup was fragrant and flavourful. I would have preferred the meat to be more fall-off-the-bone tender but that really is a personal preference.

The Tea

The Kettle of Hot Water

The bak kut teh soup

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