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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Joyoung Machine

The Whole Machine

The Machine's Blender Blades

Mung Bean Milk

Soya Bean Milk

Soya Bean + Wolfberry Seeds Milk

The Foster Daughter is back from London for the X'mas break. After visiting her parents in China, she came home with a gift for me - the Joyoung machine. I wasn't quite sure what to do with it but after messing about for a while, I am now totally in love with this lovely gadget.

It used to take all night (8 hours) to make mung bean soup in a thermal pot. With the Joyoung, it's gone down to 35 minutes. It doesn't really make soup however. It makes a milky creamy liquid that tastes a whole lot better than green bean soup with its rough bits. There's no need to even soak the beans. Just measure out a correct portion. Throw it into the machine. Add water. The machine grinds the raw beans into a powder and then cooks the lot. What comes out can be better described as a "milk". I'll try it out on red beans soon. Yum... red bean milk.

The buckwheat porridge (with bone broth, beef, carrots, onions and tomatoes) came out the consistency of baby food. On a hot day, when I feel like a light and nutritious meal, it is pleasant and fast. I will make it again but I might add the beef slices afterwards to prevent them from being ground up.

The soya bean + wolfberry seed milk came out a very attractive orange colour full of Vitamin A for the eyes, and smelling of fragrant home-made soya bean. You would have to strain it afterwards though. The machine doesn't strain away the soya bean fibres.

I am looking forwards to making peanut paste and black sesame paste. It used to be so much work that I would never consider making these recipes. Now, I just throw in the raw stuff, add water, add sugar. Wait 35 minutes and voilĂ ! I think I won't tell anyone that I have this machine. This way, when I trundle out my bowls of sesame paste on festive occasions everyone will think that I slaved away in the kitchen all week, when actually, I would have done almost nothing at all!

I know beans and nuts are power packed with nutrition. They're protein powerhouses without the fat nor the cholesterol. They're such a hassle to cook though. It's hard to make a quick meal from those hard little beans and nuts. There's a long soak period and a long cook period. I still soak the beans to get rid of the phytates, but cooking beans and nuts has now become such a breeze. Fast too!


Malar said...

That's very helpful machine! I usually soak the beans and cook with pressure cooker which is fast enough too!

Malar said...

That's very helpful machine! I usually soak the beans and cook with pressure cooker which is fast enough too!