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Thursday, January 9, 2014


The Daughter drew my attention to this article about McDonald's burgers. I freaked out! Since then, I have not been able to ingest anything from McDonald's. The burger cravings didn't go away though. I indulged in Fat Boy's and then I decided to make my own burgers.

I discovered how easy it is to make burger patties taste any way I want. I mixed minced beef with egg, diced onions and diced tomatoes.... added some salt. Then I shaped the patty, fried it up, and layered the patty on bread with cheese, egg, pineapple slice and bacon. I would have put on rocket salad if I had had any.

Petunia's Burger

Fat Boy's Burger

Petunia's Brother's Burger
(yeah... I know... his burger is better than mine)


Lil Bookworm said...

That's USA, not S'pore Mcd. But still, it is gd to hv homemade meat patties where you can eliminate additives & preservatives.

Petunia Lee said...

L'il Bookworm: Yup! You're right! I realised that the home-made patties tasted better too.

Dennis said...

Add salt just before you cook so that the meat can retain it moisture

Petunia Lee said...

Dennis... Thank you!

Malar said...

The home made patties look yummy! I must try one of this day! ;)

Malar said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you & your family!!