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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Puppy Flu

We found a 4th puppy. We called him Forgotten Puppy. He was very very small, very very weak, breathed in wheeezes and had a scar running along its back like someone had bitten him badly before. I thought he wouldn't last so I brought him home to make his last days comfortable, and let him go slowly into the night with some happy memories of warmth and dryness. I gave him a warm bath (blew dry the fur) and bottle fed it with some puppy milk from a carton. He drank greedily and then promptly threw up on me. I cleaned up the puppy, diluted more milk and bottle fed him again. He seemed to hold down the diluted milk better.

Then I let him sleep in a box on a pile of shredded newspaper, thinking he would be dead the next morning.

Amazingly, Forgotten Puppy made it. He lost his wheeze, and can now play catch and chewy ear with his brothers and sisters. I, however, developed a wheeze. I came down with fever and body chills. I threw up. I couldn't eat anything for 2 days. Today, I could only take a few mouthfuls.

The Husband is disgusted with me for having caught a flu from a dog. I didn't think it was possible. Next time, I will wear a mask when I nurse a sick dog. That is, IF The Husband allows me to bring home sick strays again.


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Petunia...hope you're feeling better now...happy puppy is better. So now you have 4 dogs?

petunialee said...

Theanne - I'm feeling lots better. Still weak and can only eat about a quarter portion of what I normally take each time... but I can at least get up without fainting clean away.

I am still left with 3 because Fatty found a home with a nice big garden. He was a cutie that one. So fat his hind foot couldn't reach forward to scratch his nose. He fell over a few times trying to scratch his nose.

Malar said...

Poor Petunia! Hope you're better now.

Hope all the puppies find a home soon including the weak puppy!

I think the puppy have transfered some virus to you from his vomitting....i have read it somewhere......