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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Of Sque and Nail Polish

The Daughter had to work on the morning of Chinese New Year's eve. She had to wait tables at the alehouse-cum-rotisserie Sque. We missed her so we decided to all drive down to Sque and eat something so that we could spend some time together as a family. It was fun. The Daughter waited on us personally and she did a good job of it too except for the part when she snapped at me for wanting to change my order. "No! You can't change your order because the chef has already started and now he's mad at me!!"

Now, what kind of service is that, Sque?

Then, The Daughter made us wait ages before she got around to answering our menu questions because she went to smile and chat with all the other guests first. "You're family, Mom." she explained. But hey... hey... hey... we pay the same amount of money to eat there too!! Hmmmmph!

Now, what kind of service is that, Sque?

But we had a good time. When she got over her initial snappishness and all the other guests were served, The Daughter found time to make conversation and say cheeky things. I tried to feed her a mouthful or 2 of our beef cheeks braised in beer. You could tell that she was tempted but with supreme force of will, she declined "Mom! I'm working!" But her eyes were salivating. I could tell.

After lunch, we took a walk to Liang Court where the funniest thing happened. A Dead Sea mud cosmetics salesman accosted me unsuccessfully. I haven't used cosmetics in ages and wasn't interested so I matched his quick movements speed for speed as we sparred briefly. He tried to give me a free sample and I deftly flipped my hand over and gave it back to him... and then I gave his hand a comforting pat or 2 "Sorry, I don't use these things." I walked on by. It's odd that these salesman always think I need cosmetics. Am I very ugly? Hmmmmmmmm... The Husband has never been accosted by cosmetics salesmen. I am more ugly than he is?

Still, The Husband must be getting on in ugliness because THIS cosmetic salesman went for him! Being a total neophyte to this business of shaking off cosmetics salesmen, The Husband had absolutely no way of defending himself. I walked far on ahead before I realized that he was still stuck at the cosmetics counter. I called him on his mobile to hear a most bewildered and slightly outraged voice plus gales of Little Boy's laughter. The cosmetics salesman had buffed one of The Husband's nails to perfection and when The Husband asked "How can I get rid of this?", the salesman said "Wait!". Then he returned with a bottle of nail polish. Of course, The Husband did not recognise the nail polish for what it was until it was well and truly painted upon his nail. "There now," said the salesman (looking very pleased with his work) "now it's even shinier!"

Meanwhile, Little Boy was doubled up with laughter. When I asked why he did nothing to rescue his Dad, Little boy gasped and wheezed and bubbled up the words "I was too busy laughing." So now, The Husband has a very festive looking fingernail. We went to comfort ourselves with some coffee and dessert in a shop next to Sque. The Daughter contrived to go on her break, and we found that we had to split the waffles 4-ways instead of 3. Still, it was a fun way to spend the afternoon.


My Sinfonia said...

That was so funny. I can imagine what the Daughter looked like as her eyes salivated! I think I have seen that look before. And Little Boy is so mean but I probably would have laughed with him too!

petunialee said...

Sinfonia - Oh yes!! You've definitely seen that look before!!