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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Sunbird's Larder

There is a sunbird around my place that has struck gold in the form of my constantly fruiting curry tree. Most people know that curry leaves add a distinctive flavour to curries, but few have eaten its berries. I used to wrap the clusters up with plastic bags and pick the berries for my father-in-law. The old man loves it. Lately though, I have been too busy being a bitch (see post before this one) to be a gardener.

The sunbird concerned is very large. Much larger than the run of the mill sunbird... you know, the lowly sort of sky denizen that has no privileged access to curry berries on penthouse roofs. This bird is so fat that I am amazed that it flies. And it gets bigger everyday.

Curry berries taste really good I tell ya. There is spice that goes up your nose and a burst of sweetness that fills your mouth. But seeing the size of that bird, I am staying away from curry berries forever. That is fattening food.

I have been observing this bird's comings and goings for many weeks, too lazy to step out there and wrap the clusters up. It is a very discerning bird. It picks the berries that are just ripened... still firm but bursting with flavour. They get that way when they turn a rich purple black. With an expert twist, Little Sunbird snaps the berry off the tree and holds it with its beak open wide and then in a toss of its head, the large berry disappears down its seemingly small throat.

One less berry for me and father-in-law.


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh.. I have to try one of those berries!

Anonymous said...

As always Petunia I enjoy your words!

Malar said...

Collect berries for Father in law? Gulp! such a kind DIL!
Anyway it's really new to me that curry leaves berries can be eaten!

petunialee said...

OKC - I will save them for you and exchange them for some of those proprietary desserts your hubby makes. Om nom nom nom!

petunialee said...

Theanne - Awwwwww! That is SUCH a sweet thing to say!!!

petunialee said...

Malar - I dun do much for him really... just a couple of berries now and again.

Blur Ting said...

Aiya, why didn't you blog about this earlier? I have had lots of berries in the past and I didn't even know these are edible.

I'm going out to my garden this very minute to check on my curry plant again.