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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Not So Ugly House After All

Now that the house is taking shape, part of the awful suspense is over. At the very least, I don't find my own house ugly anymore. It must be said though, that I am easy to please. It is hard for me to conceptualize and imagine fancy designs so the plain colours and straight lines are pleasing to my eye.

I suppose this is just as well because The Husband and I almost quarrelled over the colour of the walls. He had gone to site at dusk and thought he observed a sort of bright yellow on all the walls... and he wasn't happy at all. I kept explaining that I had chosen a sort of evaporated milk colour, at most as dark only as condensed milk but he could not shake off the sense of what he had observed in the half dark. He was not happy but had no time to go in the day to disconfirm his worst fears.

So, I brought along The Daughter to bear witness that I had not put Sunflower Yellow on the walls of house. The Husband wants a plain house in neutral colours, which is really what I am capable of anyway. I now find that I have built a plain and simple house which calms my spirit and allows me to breathe easy (well ventilated) and see well (plenty of sunlight) and if I can ensure that family members keep away their considerable clutter, it will be a house decorated with nothingness.

That's a really cheap way of making a statement because given the trend towards shoebox apartments, nothingness could well become the new statement of luxurious living eh? At least, that is one way to rationalize my decision to stop worrying about the house... shopping for the house... spending time on the house.

You see... I've had it up to here with this house. I have been doing everything that I dislike for months and months. I have had to match colours, and choose textures, and inspect works, and run after deadlines, and shop, and spend money, and I've been anxious and frustrated and irritated and afraid. I can't wait to lie on my bed inside that house, hug my pillow and know that it is all over.


Blur Ting said...

Finally! It looks really spacious inside.

petunialee said...

Ting - It is REALLY odd how rooms look so much bigger when there are walls. The same room looked really small at the start.

Malar said...

The staircase area looks so good! I can just sit there reading books for hours!
You really have a "taste"!

petunialee said...

Malar - Hee! No one has ever told me that before!! Haha!