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Thursday, June 16, 2011

House Construction 15

For those who have been following this blog, do note that Mr Grizzly, the Building Contractor, has become Kungfu Panda (or Panda for short). That is the name he prefers to be called, apart from of course, the name his parents gave him. This means that his Dad (whom I have hitherto referred to as Grandpa Grizzly) is now Grandpa Panda. It beats me why anyone would eschew a somewhat "hunga-hunga" name like Mr Grizzly for a name like Panda, which to me, sounds rather "Psssssssst". But well... one must never upset a Grizzly who wants to be known as Panda. So I shall call him Kungfu Panda henceforth or The Panda, for short.

Here is the Master Bedroom Toilet. It has shockingly large windows opening to face the neighbour's house, and an odd hole that opens into the Master Bedroom. Again, this is thanks to Petunia's claustrophobia. When the bathroom was first built, I walked into what I thought was a rabbit's burrow and recoiled. I asked for the window facing outside to be enlarged and filled with frosted glass louvres to ensure maximum air and light flow. The Panda did it with a few blows of his fist. Impressive.

Unfortunately, it also means that others can see in through the frosted glass louvres and possibly discern interesting/disgusting shapes (depending on who is bathing). At the point, The Panda chuckled (rather dirtily, I thought). Fortunately, the 2nd floor roof garden extends along the side of the house and I shall be able to put out Japanese Bamboo and a hedge of 1.8m tall Murraya as privacy screens just outside those bathroom windows. Here, The Panda chuckled again.

The Master Bedroom bathroom has become a sort of indoor-cum-outdoor bathroom that's neither this nor that.

I then punched a window through to the Master Bedroom. Practically, this is supposed to allow better airflow so that the bathroom dries quickly. Aesthetically, there will be timber louvres here that (seen from the Master Bedroom) will open onto a small painting hung under a downlight onto the side of the wooden cabinet inside the bathroom. I might put a potted plant next to the painting so that there'll be light, nature and art glimpsed tantalizingly through a window that isn't supposed to be there. This the Panda did in one punch.

Is is nice? Gee... I dunno.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention. I needed air flow through the bathroom and I needed light. The big windows provide both. Then I had to think up ways to ensure privacy for it wouldn't do to titillate the neighbours daily. So that is what I ended up with.

Do YOU like it?


Open Kitchen Concept said...

Nice idea about the toilet! :) Your house sounds very nice, Petunia. You must be very proud of yourself.. *pat on the back*

Malar said...

You should have think very deeply to come out with such a wonderful design!
As i mention before, i just can't wait to see your house!

petunialee said...

OKC - Hey thanks!! Actually... I am a bit insecure about the aesthetics of the house. I set out to build something driven by practical considerations only to discover a little late that I do want it to look halfway nice. The kitchen is an old-fashioned brick and tile that'll last forever but almost no one builds them nowadays... at least, no one with style... so, I kinda am worried. Even my contractor says it isn't a stylish house.

petunialee said...

Malar - Actually, it was just about 1 second or 2 of thinking. It's amazing how fast the brain can work when one is desperate. If I were really smart, I would have designed a brighter bathroom with a skylight possibly. Making holes in the walls was the only thing left to do to bring light into what started off looking like a prison cell.

I actually can't wait either!! But I am looking forwards with some measure of trepidation because I really hope it won't be an ugly house.

It's a comfy house to be sure. The rooms are rather large and have plenty of natural light. Air flows through every part of the house. It's a comfy house... but it isn't stylish by a long shot. Something like a farm house. Big, rambling but not very fine.