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Monday, June 6, 2011

Shop Till I Drop

Boy... I think I did more shopping in the past 4 days than I have done in my whole life. The way I shop is extremely time efficient. I am on my way somewhere and I see a dress. 10 minutes is all it takes to try it on. Pay up and go to my somewhere. The last time I shopped for house lights, I was already tired after 2 shops and 45 minutes. At the third shop, I pointed to an acceptable ceiling light fixture and said "I want 24 large and 6 small. How much?"

I generally don't buy things that cost a lot and so it doesn't make sense to walk up and down the whole road comparing things that bear no comparison. Seriously, no light shop stocks the same designs. But well... this time, I did kinda walk up and down the road. After all, I am building an entire 3 storey house and feel duty bound to do a good job of it.

So, I trudged up and down Balestier Road trying my best to visualize what the lights will look like in a space that doesn't quite look like anything yet. One lady had 2 shops of different names. I walked into the one without chandeliers, and asked about outdoor lights. She showed me a few, and then she found out that I am outfitting a semi-detached home... whereupon, she flung me out the door and threw me into her other very chandeliered shop, where the same outdoor light (at least it looked no different to me) cost double. I smiled ever so sweetly and inched my way to the door, and from there, I quickly made an escape. I left her with her ample chest heaving, looking like a disappointed Black Widow spider with a bloated stomach and skinny legs.

In yet another shop, a very important looking man frightened me very badly when he asked about the theme of my house. "Oh... theme... ummm... I don't have a theme... am I supposed to have a theme?" When he assured me that I needed a theme, I knew straight away that the relationship wouldn't work out. I wanted to buy lights, and he wanted to sell me a theme.

Then I got to this shop staffed by a man with a wiggle to his walk. In 1o minutes, I was eating out of his hand. He was so comforting and sensitive. He listened to me... really listened to me... and he understood. He was like the sister I don't have. He pored over my house plans and made intelligent recommendations. Me and my house, we felt so safe with this man with a wiggle to his walk. Then he sashayed up and down his shop sketching spaces, light and shadow in my mind's eye, quickly pricing them right for my pocket. I wanted to buy lights and he sold me his imagination. What a darling!!

Then, it was time to buy furniture. Many months back, I was going somewhere and I saw a bamboo daybed that I loved. It was $2000/= and because it costs so much, one can't just pay up and throw it in the backseat. I went home to mull over my infatuation. Meanwhile, I drove all over Singapore to meet furniture. I met no one I liked until I got to OHMM. The Australian salesman introduced me to this Dune (another daybed) and was much amused when despite myself, I rolled on it like a cat on a bed of catnip - rapturous and purring. I barely stopped myself from giving a startled meow when he softly whispered "$4840 with discount". I slunk out the shop.

The OHMM Day Bed

It was so depressing. The pieces I really liked were so expensive. They were stunning pieces but their prices taser-ed the brain. I even ventured deep into the corners of Sungei Kadut to drown my sorrows in a series of unfruitful dalliances with factory knock-offs. Once, I sneaked back to the shop and groped the poor day bed. I pulled out the cushions and felt its bottom. I crawled on all fours and peered under the bed to evaluate the wooden supports. It was a very well made and strong day bed. The Sales Lady was not pleased. After all, my hair was in a mess... my slippers were coming apart... there were red wine stains on my shirt (from the Boeuf Bourguignon I had struggled to make earlier that morning) ... and there was a look on my face that was halfway between desperate and yearning. And I was sneaking furtive looks at the TV console.

Eventually, it was The Husband who decided to go and get the bamboo day bed before his Wife (that's me) pined away to nothing. Here is the bamboo day bed.

Bamboo Day Bed

It's amazing how nasty people can become nice in the presence of The Husband's credit card. All of a sudden, I felt like a queen and not an orphan. I was even told that I looked young enough to be my husband's daughter, and thus my daughter's sister. This offended the fellow who was brandishing the said credit card.

Since The Husband was with me, things went a lot faster. The Husband and I make a good shopping team. Two of us can actually purchase the right things at the right price. The Husband alone doesn't know what to buy. Me alone, I absolutely can't buy something that is expensive. But the TWO of us... hey, we just went down the whole list of furniture and bought 'em all.

And then we bought 6 cartons of Craftstone and 3 panels of Florastone. Now I know the meaning of shop till one drops.

Florastone Panels


Anonymous said...

The bamboo daybed is excellent...clean, classic lines! You and Husband (with credit card) do make the perfect shopping team! I don't believe I've shopped til I dropped since the last time Don and I went shopping for furniture...I was FUN! Great Post!
How's Little Boy?

Wen-ai said...

Haha! I can so relate to this post!!! The bamboo daybed looks really good! I think it is worth the money!!! ;)

Blur Ting said...

The perfect team. You buy, he pays!

By the way, the lighting shop is call Watt? The guy's David?

petunialee said...

Theanne - Thanks for dropping by! Little Boy is working real hard now in preparation for exams in August.

petunialee said...

Wen-Ai: Teehee! I kinda knew this post would speak to you 'cos I've been following your furniture and renovation adventures.

petunialee said...

Ting - Nope! It ain't Watt!

Malar said...

Wow the bamboo daybed look cool! Very nice place to have a rest after tiring day!
can't wait to see your 'completed' house

petunialee said...

Malar - I'm glad you liked it. My crush lasted for months!!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

Oh... The Husband and I buy well together too! He decides what not to buy and I decide what to buy. :D

Tek Seang said...

hi, saw the bamboo day bed (various designs) at IMM yesterday and was really tempted to get a set! they quoted $2350 for a 3-seater, was wondering if you can get it cheaper elsewhere?