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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

An Oopsy Daisy on Slab Coring

The power of the internet lies in access to information. At least, that was what I thought. Now, I think that the greater power of the internet lies in the access to PEOPLE.

R had been a surveyor in a past life, before she went into semi-retirement to pursue other interests, and follow through on other responsibilities. By choice and by profession R has an affinity for the building process that I don't have. She actually likes these construction-y things and because of long years of experience, she seems to know an awful lot.

R read my post on Coring the Slab... and couldn't help herself from dropping me a note on my phone "Nobody..." says she "but nobody... but nobody cores a slab unless they forgot to cast the hole in the first place. Ya gotta go correct that post 'cos it's misleading."

So here it is. For others reading this blog, let Petunia not teach you the wrong thing. Coring of the slab does not give more accuracy in positioning a hole in a concrete slab. People generally don't do it unless it were to correct an oversight. See what I mean by access to PEOPLE? Real, living, breathing and caring people who will reach out through the virtual space of what is the internet to make a difference to another's life. Thank you J!!

The thing is, R and I met through HER blog. I went there and nosed around... saw enticing snapshots of her Haven of Peace and marvelled at her hydroponic vegetables. Then we bonded over Heirloom Tomato seeds. The tomatoes never grew for me but I made a new friend. We further arranged to meet to exchange sweet potato runners. And then one day, Rude Petunia invited herself to R's Haven of Peace for tea, no less because the pictures on her blog promised an afternoon of Zen-like calm in green leafy surroundings, touched by the tendrils of a cool breeze.

Reality was quite that I assure you, and the experience was much enhanced by yam cookies and artichoke tea... plus a blue cat which behaved like a dog, and only stopped short of wagging her tail.

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