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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

House Construction 11: Coring the Slab

When you build a house, you realise that all manner of pipes snake all about in hidden corners bringing you water, electricity, data access and refrigerant gas. Some of these pipes and conduits snake between floors. Mr Grizzly, my main contractor decided that coring the slab was better than setting a hole in the slab before pouring the concrete. He explained that coring the slab gave him greater precision when it came to positioning the hole vis-à-vis walls and such because one can decide where the holes in the slab would be.

It's a bit more work but it gives better accuracy. Mr Grizzly is very conscientious in what he does.

When you core the slab, you get this machine that spins a sharp cutting edge onto the concrete slab, and slowly cuts right through it from the 2nd storey floor slab, to the 1st storey ceiling slab (which is the same slab really).

When you set the hole in the slab before the concrete is poured, you simply put a round pipe there where the hole should be and so the concrete flows around that aperture, and a natural hole appears in the slab when the wooden formworks that mould the concrete slab are removed.


Postscript: There is a mistake in this blogpost that is addressed here. Apologies for the confusion.


petunialee said...

Gabriel, I have emailed you.

edith said...

If I found your blog a year earlier, I don't think I have to put up with so much anguish with my designer. Your house construction blog posts are definitely a good platform for any one who wanted to built a hse from ground zero.