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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mommy's Helper

I love to bring Little Boy grocery shopping. He helps me carry stuff. Even when he was in kindergarten, he would rush to pick up the grocery bags... and he would insist to carry the heavier ones. I never understood why because he was short and he was not strong, and he went to heroic efforts half dragging and half carrying the plastic bag all the way to the car.

One had to be quick to ensure that he got hold of a bag that was rather heavy, not too heavy, and didn't contain breakables nor fruits. Over time, I learnt to mentally set aside a group of items that I would contrive to put into the same bag in order that Little Mr Macho Boy could carry it for me.

When he got older (and stronger) and I got older (and developed back problems), it became convenient for me to have him along because he was really able to manage one or two heavy bags. I thought it was a real blessing to have a son like that.

Today, we picked up a wooden towel rack. As I paid up, he moved quickly to pick up the rack and carried it to the car. The sales lady was impressed. She praised him for his helpfulness. The rack wouldn't fit into the car, and then Little Boy said "Mom, it's quite easy to assemble this thing you know. Why don't we take it apart and then put it back again when we reach home."

I wasn't too sure. I dislike all manner of handicraft and DIY (unless of course, I get to eat the DIY). The sales lady was keen to make a sale. She looked at Little Boy and said "This is easy to put together. I can give you a new box of it with screws and an Allen key. He can have some fun."

Hmmmm... that woman knows little boys alright. My Little Boy was only too happy to agree... and so I bought the towel rack in a flat packed box à la Ikea. And then, the sales lady yelled at us as we walked away, "He's handsome too, your boy! All the girls will be falling over himself to get at him!"

I looked at Little Boy's face. There was no expression on it. I poked his ribs with my finger and said "Haaaaaandsome.... eh?" And then Little Boy's face and ears turned a deep red. Oh dear! I am such a meanie... and after he helped me carry stuff too!!


Malar said...

Poor boy!
But i do agree with the sales girl! He is so kind and good hearted person. He will be a "hot cake" once grow up!

Blur Ting said...

Oh you lucky mummy!

Cloudjade said...

Brings a smile to my face!

My SINFONIA said...

Oh you meanie! Such a good boy with so much initiative. Haaaaadsome and a geeeentleman! Tell him auntie Yin Mei said that!

Open Kitchen Concept said...

I agree with Yin Mei! He is such a gentleman! Must be becos of his mum and dad!

petunialee said...

Hi Everyone... thanks for all the kind thoughts!! I've been trying to get Little Boy to read all your lovely comments and the blogpost but he absolutely won't. He normally reads everything I write here... but he resolutely won't read this. He's so funny!

Wen-ai said...

Handsome and kind hearted, you'll have a hard time choosing your future daughter-in-law! ;)

petunialee said...

Wen-ai: Little Boy made it very clear that he isn't about to let me choose... Sigh!