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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dadong Beijing Roast Duck

Eating at Dadong was a feast for eyes and palate. As you enter the restaurant, stately and elegant young women worthy of an emperor's harem line up in 2 rows to welcome you. They are beautiful. You can't help ogling... except that I caught one lady digging her nose as I turned my head from one row of beauties to admire the other row of beauties. These beauties don't serve you. Their job is to walk gracefully in front of you to show you to your table. Eye candy sashaying the guests from door to table.

A good looking young man brings the duck to a side table, and carves it like maestro right before your eyes. Every flick of the knife precise. Every movement with masculine grace.

VoilĂ  the duck all cut up into slivers.This dish can be named "Pleasures of a Thousand Cuts".

Toasted sesame seed hollow cases.




Open Kitchen Concept said...

Dadong is my favourite!!!! It's really very good right?

petunialee said...

It was HEAVENLY!! Highly recommended!!