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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Mosquito Net

I used to think a 4 poster bed an unnecessary expenditure. To me, such beds looked imposing and took up a lot of space, but served not much practical purpose. Those were the days when I relied on wall plug-ins against mosquitoes.

The mosquitoes were knocked out by the chemicals that filled my bedroom every night. The same chemicals also disrupted my endocrine system, causing all sorts of hormonal imbalances. I was in ill health for years.

I was too stingy to buy a new bed so I tried everything else possible from ...

(1) lighting mosquito coils in the day to chase away mosquitoes

(2) diffusing citronella oil in the day to chase away mosquitoes

(3) using an electrified mosquito bat to hunt down mosquitoes before bed time

All these measures worked for years because the mosquitoes flying about were the aedes aegypti ones. Then, the NEA introduced the wolbachia virus into aedes aegypti mosquitoes, to disrupt their reproductive cycle. The wolbachia virus rendered the male aedes aegypti mosquitoes sterile. This meant no new aedes aegypti mosquitoes were being born.

Measures (1) to (3) above were good for aedes aegypti mosquitoes, which are active in the daytime. They did not work for those mosquitoes that bit in the night. With the disappearance of the aedes aegypti mosquitoes, we began to see other types of mosquitoes appear in our bedroom. These were active all night.

We had sleepless nights.

I was so desperate for a solution that I bought a 4 poster bed online. The mosquito net was a whole long story on its own. I approached the curtain shop and they charged me $850. The shop that sold me the bed retailed one for $350. I went on Amazon and got one delivered for $35.

It has been bliss. Once the mosquito net is down, we sleep the sleep of babies with no fear of mosquitoes. Best of all, we are not breathing in anti-mosquito noxious fumes all night.


Anonymous said...

Hi Petunia, I am happy for you that u found a solution . I know the torment of having mosquitoes disturbing night sleep. Glad that God had answered your prayer to it.

By the way, have you try installing window netting? If not, u can explore. Review seemed good. Check out qoo10 for diy or Google for shop that do customisation.

Take care.

In His love, Jen

Rachel Tan said...

Hi Petunia

Are there areas in Singapore where mosquitoes are more prevalent? I've moved 4 or 5 ties in Singapore and have lived in HDB flat / low floor in condo / house and various permutations - I've never experienced a mosquito problem before.

Happy to hear you have solved your mosquito problem.

Petunia Lee said...

Thanks much much Jen, for your suggestion. We did not want window netting because we really have a lot of windows and big ones too. It would have been very costly... much more costly than a bed + netting. Also, it would have been somewhat constraining and I would need to worry about washing many window nets. The bed with netting worked quite well especially since there are no more daytime mosquitoes.

Petunia Lee said...

Rachel, I live near a small jungle spot within which there is an old well in an old abandoned village. The NEA has sealed the well and that has improved things. However, during the rainy season, mosquitoes still breed on tree leaves and small puddles. NEA cannot do much about that. It takes only 1 mosquito to keep us up all night. If we are luck enough to catch and kill that one, then no problem but with our old flowery eyes... very hard to catch.

Anonymous said...

You are welcome, Petunia :)

Yes, you are right, window netting will definitely cost more than the bed+netting in your case and the extra work to wash so many of them too if installed. Wise thought through. You have made the right decision. Really Glad for you :)) Thanks be to God too!

God bless!

Jen :D