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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Open Door Policy: Gluten Free and Dairy Free

Open Door Policy has re-invented itself. When we were there in 2012, we were not impressed. Since then, it has re-invented itself as a gluten free and dairy free joint. We went back to try it today and were blown away. The food was not only healthy but extremely good. It actually feels weird to walk into a Western food joint and feel free as a bird to eat anything I want. I so rarely do Western food nowadays. It is easier to find things I can eat in Asian food joints. Even then, I am told that there is plenty of hidden flour.

The only place to eat entirely without stress or a slight feeling of fear, is at home. My home kitchen is completely gluten free. Everywhere else I go, I close one eye and hope that I will not get sick. Usually, if I exercise some judgment, I don't get sick. Every now and then, I do - diarrhoea, extreme fatigue and tummy bloatedness. I go down for 3 to 4 days before I slowly climb the hill back to good health again.

This place is highly recommended.

Warm chorizo and octopus salad.

Osso bucco on risotto.

Eggs benedict.

Mango sago with coconut milk and black sesame ice cream.

Almond milk pudding with raspberry sorbet.

Garden lemonade cocktail

Passionfruit mocktail

The restaurant walls are lined with micro-green mini-farms that are lighted up at night with solar lamps. In the day, they switch on ambient lights instead. I thought that was so clever! They own their micro-greens supply and the mini-farms are very attractive live displays.

A few streets away, I found Tiann's ( a gluten free bakery) and I went to town with those cakes.


Anonymous said...

Dr Pet
is this ODP at Tiong Bahru side?
I too went before a few years back when it was popular and hard to get a table ...

Petunia Lee said...

Yes... at Tiong Bahru. A few years back it was not good value for money. Food was expensive and quite mehhhh... Now, it has greatly improved... enough to warrant the prices.

Anonymous said...

all right then, time for a re-visit! =)

thanks for the recommendation!