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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

My Holy Grail of French Desserts

French desserts are really something. In the French supermarkets, the dessert aisle is a mile long (and there are sometimes 2 of them) to fit in the mind boggling variety of dessert types. See HERE. Somehow, French desserts have never taken off in Singapore. Certainly, our Peranakan desserts and tropical fruits offer stiff competition.

To me though, there is nothing quite as exciting as the dessert aisle of any French supermarket. It has always been a source of frustration to me that one cannot buy these yummy desserts off the shelves in even our most well curated Singaporean supermarkets.

From all that mind boggling variety French desserts, my Holy Grail has been the Mousse Au Chocolat. When we holidayed in Spain last December, we ate up 1 pack of 6 chocolate mousses every day because they were available in every supermarket.

My love affair with the Chocolate Mousse goes back a long time. I had a crush on chocolate mousse way before I had any crush on a boy. It happened in a large and spacious farmhouse on a bright winter Sunday during a 3 hour long lunch. I was made to sit at the table for 3 hours because well brought up children were not allowed to leave the table until everyone had finished eating. So, I stuffed myself silly with the chocolate mousse.

The intense contrast between the boredom of adult conversation and the creamy rich-yet-airy paradox of the chocolate mousse must have seared a pleasure brain map into my brain circuits because till today, I will always go to the dairy section at Cold Storage or NTUC Finest to see if maybe... perhaps... they would have brought in chocolate mousse.

It is no matter now because I have finally succeeded at making it the way it should taste (without using raw egg). The original, authentic chocolate mousse recipe contains raw egg. It was a challenge to find a recipe that tasted authentic sans egg. The recipe is HERE. It is decadent and rather laborious but it will do to satisfy this family's cravings.

My next project is... Gluten Free Croissant. I have a first experiment proofing in the fridge and am keeping toes and fingers all crossed.


Ivana said...

I love the petit pot de creme Au chocolat more than mousse.

Petunia Lee said...

Oh ya! That one more creamy!