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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Tailor at Hué: What a Woman!!

I couldn't believe that an embroidered silk dress could be made to measure in 4 hours for SGD30. Pure silk. I briefly considered buying the whole shop to resell in Singapore but then decided that I might not enjoy selling dresses, no matter how silky. So I settled for 3 tailored dresses instead.

The lady tailor is pregnant with her second child but like all Vietnamese we've met, she works hard. I have not encountered a single beggar in Vietnam. People tout their services and wares... and can be irritatingly persistent but they don't expect something for nothing. This lady made all the clothes for TWO shops all by herself. Clearly, a very industrious mother and wife.

I first ordered one dress but liked the workmanship so much that I ordered 2 more dresses. She completed all 3 within 24 hours. Wow! Vietnam is a very wow place, I think.


Blur Ting said...

I agree. They have been through a lot of hardship, so they are diligent people, and everyone here is so young.

My Sinfonia said...

did you go hoian? another silk shopping place. romantic too