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Friday, October 19, 2012

Dr Pet's Compo Writing Workshop

I figured that if my own kids have flown the coop, I can still enjoy other people's kids. So many parents have asked me to teach their kids composition writing. I wasn't keen to do that because I had my own kids to look after but well... seeing that mine have disappeared somewhat from my life...

Anyway, I decided last night to organise Dr Pet's Compo Writing Workshop. Do spread the word and sign up HERE.


Rachel Tan said...

Hihi Petunia, (oops Dr Pet),
It did cross my mind to suggest that you could perhaps explore mounting English courses. You write extremely well. And having navigated the PSLE recently, I am sure you can be a real blessing to many children who are struggling with English. You may like to consider regular classes know regular source of income + I think it's a different sense of satisfaction seeing children progress with time.
Ah well have fun!

Petunia Lee said...

Rachel - I am thinking along these lines. This house is so large and quiet. And teaching English is a piece of cake to me.

nic said...

Hi Dr Pet
I'm interested please email me more info re all your programs?
Sorry I couldn't access most part of your blog as I always encountered error "Not Found"
Many thanks

Learner said...

Hi Dr Pet,

I'm also interested in your programs for my P5 girl. Could you email me your available programs please.

Many thanks

Petunia Lee said...

Hi... we don't generally market very actively. We have never sent emails informing people about our programmes. We don't quite have the manpower to do that yet because we have no marketing person. Perhaps we will do that one day when we have more resources? For the moment our programmes and updates are published on this blog. So do drop by once in a while to see what's new?