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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

If You Had To Give Up...

It has been a while since I cuddled Little Boy at bedtime and talked silly. We used to do that every night before the cares of the world got to us. And by the term "cares of the world" I mean the PSLE... and the Primary Five mid-year exams in 2 weeks.

But, we have worked hard and long. Two weeks before the exams, it is time to lighten up and play a little. By next Sunday, Little Boy won't be studying at all. He needs to spend two days before any exam playing... playing... playing. What a magical word - "play". For me, it conjures up images of giggling toddlers in Pampers and crazy happy laughs in the afternoon sun, and outrageous talk at night when the lights go out so that a Little Boy can fall asleep.

I asked Little Boy to choose the things he liked best in the world. He picked Mommy's Cuddles and Yummy Food. Yeah... Little Boy likes his food. He likes my spaghetti bolognaise, my roast chicken, my grilled salmon with dill sauce, pork carnitas, mushroom quiche... He likes good food.

Then, I asked Little Boy which of the two he would give up if he had to. He didn't want to choose. He wanted them both but after some pinches and slaps and an attempt to bite off his nose, he said "I will give up Mommy's Cuddles"... and my little wise one explained himself quickly. "Mom, I have to give up Mommy's Cuddles one day right? I can't possibly get cuddled when I am big like Daddy right? But I must eat food for the rest of my life and I would much rather eat good food."

Sigh! I can't compete with food in for my son's affections.


Blur Ting said...

He makes alot of sense and is way beyond his age. My boys used to ask for cuddles but as they got older, that has mostly stopped. Sure Little Boy will love you the same regardless of whether he gets cuddles or not.

Anonymous said...

Little Boy is very wise...the Mommy Cuddles will have to go as he grows up, the love will not!

Malar said...

Little boy sounds so matured! What he told is absolutely correct! Good food...from mummy! That's heaven!

My SINFONIA said...

He is so honest! If I were him, I'd say cuddles cos mommy will be so happy I'll get more cuddles and good food.