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Thursday, January 16, 2020

Cambridge University

The Son, aka Smelly Boy, aka Little Boy, has been accepted into Cambridge University. I am not sure I dare to believe it. Sometimes, journeys are best taken one step at a time. If you had told me that The Son would one day be accepted into the university that Lee Kuan Yew attended, I think I would have laughed at you.

This was the boy who made his Mama cry in Pri 3 because he had done badly in school and was explaining to me, "Mama, I am not like Jiejie (姐姐). I am not one of the smart ones. I will never do as well as Jiejie (姐姐)."

I cried not because I was upset that he was almost at the bottom of the class. I cried because he actually believed himself to be stupid. My heart broke when he told me that he was dumb. 

This was the boy who put his CCA Form into the school General Office's suggestion box. See HERE.

This was the boy who shot rubber bands at girl classmates' backsides. See HERE.

This was the boy whose sister, I threw away. See HERE.

This was the boy whose Teacher called him a liar. See HERE.

This was the boy who wailed the night before exams. See HERE.

This was the boy stupid enough to climb over the fence into a garden with a dog twice his size. See HERE.

Throughout the years, when the going got tough, I just said, "Let's not worry about everything else. Let us just take this step and do it well." One step and then another step. Every step you take already puts you in a better place than the step before.

After a billion small steps, you stop and realise, "Hey, I got someplace quite exciting!"


Rachel Tan said...

Congratulations! Cambridge's the most beautiful campus in the world to me :)
What's Little Boy going to study?

Petunia Lee said...

Engineering... please don't ask what engineering because I have no clue. Hahahahahaha! I try to stay as uninvolved as possible.

Rachel Tan said...

Cool! I never knew Little Boy had an engineering bent :) I always imagined you would produce a literary genius (as you are), heh.
To God be the glory!

Petunia Lee said...

Little Boy has very little respect for people with literary bent. He thinks that literature is a "bloody waste of time" and cannot understand why schools even teach the subject. In general, Littl Boy does not think I am very successful nor intelligent in any way.

Unknown said...

Congratulations !
I too have a lil boy who believe he will never be as good as his elder sis. My answer - both my kids are v bright. He has not found his true passion. Currently his favourite pet is queen ant and ant colony.
I am still my kids cheerleader.

Unknown said...

Oh ya, this lil boy told me that he had decided to stop studying when he was in P3.

Petunia Lee said...

What a cute little boy! That's ok. I used to throw my HW out the car window.