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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Oh! Turf Wars!

Workers' Party

People's Action Party

I saw men in blue today at the Chong Pang Market. They gave me a newsletter and I happily paid $1 for it because we all know that the Workers' Party is not rolling in money.

Then, I saw men (and women) in white with the PAP logo. They gave me a name card pouch but I did not have to pay for it. Then, I took a photo of the wrong PAP man. The man in white looked like an MP so I took a picture of him.

See that lovely smile?

I did not know that the actual PAP MP is dressed in red. So, I shook the wrong man's hand. Then, the man in red asked me why I took a picture of the man in white and not him. I got a bit confused so I smiled brightly at the handsome man in red and said, "Because the other man is more handsome than you."

I mean, the red man was clearly younger and more handsome mah... so I did not think he would believe me... but I think I offended the poor man. So, Mr Louis Ng, please rest assured that you really ARE the more handsome one. Aiya... now I worry that when I blog this, I will offend Mr Louis Ng's wife. You just CANNOT please everyone, but I suppose MPs from the PAP already know this.

Handsome or not does not matter. Louis Ng's work with ACRES is something that already earns respect. Respect is better than attractiveness anytime, no?

So there! I hope I am forgiven.

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