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Monday, January 29, 2018

Margaret and Maximilian

Here are our Wyandotte Bantam chickens. See HERE. Believe it or not, they are British. The fertilised eggs were flown in from U.K. The, they were locally incubated and hatched. The hen is a golden laced Wyandotte Bantam. The rooster is a chocolate partridge Wyandotte Bantam.

The normal Wyandotte breed is double the size of the Bantam version. In space scarce Singapore, the Bantam version is all I can cope with I think.

Margaret, the hen, has already laid 1 egg. We can feel 2 more eggs on the way inside her butt. She will probably lay another one tomorrow. My helper (with 2 decades of experience in chicken raising) thinks they should lay an egg everyday. However, in her opinion, both are a bit undernourished. I intend to fatten them up real good so that they will give me good eggs with strong shells. 

I have unhusked rice, corn grits, pearl barley, mung beans, gram beans and meal worms. They love sprouted mung beans and meal worms.

Margaret and Maximilian.

Margaret and Maximilian again.

Nesting basket.

First egg.

The hanging water dispenser (they step all over the bowl and dirty the water). 

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