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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Fertiliser in Bulk

This is 75kgs worth of fertiliser. There is Guanito (a mixture of different animals' poop with NPK 6:15:3 + 10CaO + 2MgO) and Phenix (also a mixture of different animals' poop with NPK of 6:8:15 + 2MgO). There is also agricultural grade magnesium sulphate (MgSO4). These are my go to fertilisers of choice (in addition to worm poop from my vermi-composting bins and my kitchen waste compost in the veggie composting bin). All are treated organic fertilisers.

The results from this combination of fertilisers are amazing. I raved about it to the Mother-in-law and she nodded politely. I could tell she was not convinced. So, I started my clandestine fertilising operation of her garden. I fertilised 1/4 of her garden and left the rest. After 3 weeks, when she began wondering why that particular area was growing so well, I told her the truth.

She was sold!

Our gentle Malay neighbour bore witness to my clandestine ferting operations. She too was sold on these ferts. So, I bought 75kgs of fertilisers and shared it 3 ways. 

Fertilised balsa plants - fat and sturdy.

Unfertilised balsa plants - skinny and diseased.

Fat and healthy veggies.

Fat and healthy veggies.


Qian Jun Tong said...

Hi, where to buy the organic fertilizers?

Balistyle said...

Hi, may I know where can I buy this fertilizer? Any info I can read from websites? Thank you.

James said...

Hi Petunia, may I know where do you buy these fertilizers? What is the brand and how much did you pay for it? TIA.

Petunia Lee said...

I bought them from Far East Flora.