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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Pork Knuckle at Causeway Point

When we first moved into Woodlands more than 2 decades ago, it was really the backwaters of Singapore. There were glorious sunsets and heaps of trees everywhere we looked. The provision shops looked like something from the 1970s, with a Milo tin hanging on a pulley from which the store owner would give you your change.

Oh well... for good or for bad, things have changed immensely. The provision shops are all air-conditioned. Shops like Esprit and Uniqlo have opened shop. Up until recently, I had to drive to Guthrie House in Bukit Timah to get the most delicious pork knuckle in the world from Cold Storage. Imagine my surprise when I saw rows and rows of pork knuckle at Cold Storage Causeway Point. Woah! Now I don't have to drive to upmarket Bukit Timah anymore. My little kampong has gone up in the world!

The men at the booth were very pleased with their pork knuckle. Clearly, they took pride in their work. I bought one and I will say this. This was by far the best pork knuckle I have ever bought from Cold Storage or tasted anywhere else.

The skin was THIN and crispy. How did they do that?!

Anyway, it turns out, these guys also said that Woodlands Causeway Point has fresh pork knuckle every day. I was like... "Really ah... Life cannot get better than this!"

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