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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Birds: Food or Foe?

I miss the rooftop garden at the old penthouse HERE and HERE.It was on the 14th floor so there was wind 24/7. The conditions were ideal for the growth of Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, rosemary and lavender. I had a large collection of these herbs.

When I moved to this house, the lack of ventilation gave rise to wave after wave of pest infections and my whole collection died. I dabbled in growing vegetables but the flocks of birds plucked away every seedling I raised at the 4-leaf stage. I hung out fake snakes and huge balloons with eyes to scare away the birds. I strung shiny CDs to keep them away. Nothing worked. My tender vegetable shoots disappeared down their birdie gullets.

I asked Little Boy to shoot them dead for my stew pot. He refused, saying that it was cruel. Let me ask you. What is the use of learning to shoot a gun if you don't even deign to help your Mom shoot some birds for dinner? Anyway, that will be my next project. I shall devise a pigeon trap to catch pigeons for pigeon soup. There is a family of mynahs too. Do mynahs taste good?

In my own small way, I shall practise farmsteading even as there is a supermarket a 3 minute walk away. Why waste those delicious birds that come around to eat my vegetables eh? Perhaps, if I eat a few of them, they will leave my vegetables alone.

Anyway, I think I have found a solution to protect my shoots, even without Smelly Boy shooting any birds. I wrapped the trellises in plastic. If the birdies get in there, hopefully they cannot get out. That will be extra protein for bone broth!

See! You eat my veggies. I eat you.

Oh dear me!What will my readers think of me now?!


Malar said...

I hate pest too! This method looks creative! ;)

Anonymous said...

Dr Pet
This post is seriously funny =p

Ok ok put a scarecrow?!

Petunia Lee said...

Hee! I should kapok one of those SPF standees of the policeman pointing at people to stop them from shoplifting!

Anonymous said...

Dr Pet

Irony again lah - standee is to remind people NOT to shoplift =p

Just dress up some kind of scarecrow - it may ignite the birds' base instincts...they may just leave your plants alone =)

Petunia Lee said...

But but but... I trying to catch them birds leh...

Anonymous said...

Dr Pet

Aware come after you then you know =p