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Monday, October 5, 2015

Poached Eggs (TheEasyWay)

Poached eggs are hard to make the old style way. I think only Julia Child can make them well the traditional way. I don't need to make them the traditional way, what with all the modern kitchen appliances and techniques available. Gee... if you have a washing machine and detergent at home, why go to the river with your wooden stick?

So! I now make poached eggs in cups. Less water is needed and the eggs do not fall apart in the water.

Put a wee bit of water in 2 cups. Break your egg in there.

Microwave on Medium for 1.5 minutes.... depending on how hard you want your poached egg. Anyway, everyone's microwave is different so you will just have to find your own timing!

Done! With nice runny insides too!


Malar said...

Brilliant idea! It look good!

Karmeleon said...