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Thursday, October 15, 2015

In Love With Khaw Boon Wan

Khaw Boon Wan's groupie...

I am in LOVE with Khaw Boon Wan! In luuuuuuuuurve!

Improving public transport is a continuous journey. With each milestone, big or small, I hope these blog posts will constitute a moving story of blood, sweat and tears, dedication and determination, and of ultimate success, as our city achieves its full potential where people move about with ease, on two feet, on bicycles, in buses and trains, and occasionally in cars. It will be a moving story of the many dedicated Singaporeans who work in the trenches to make our city great, so that all can live a happy life. We may fail occasionally, but we shall learn from it and emerge stronger. Please cheer us on, like we cheered our athletes during the SEA Games. Your strong support makes a crucial difference.

If my term turns out to be a thankless job, the loss is personal. But if we succeed collectively in transforming the city, the benefits will go to millions of Singaporeans. 

 Excerpt from Khaw Boon Wan's blogpost HERE.

Intellectual Honesty
Firstly, the man has intellectual honesty. He does not do his job pretending that the government never made mistakes! He actually admits that the government CAN fail. It shows that he can face failure without flinching and move aggressively to LEARN from it. With a Minister like Khaw, problems get solved!!

You cannot solve a problem if you don't admit it is there (because the government you are part of, created it and you are too embarrassed to admit it). Admit it. Face it. Resolve it. Be the hero we need.

Khaw's intellectual honesty deserves respect, no?

In any case, he had better surface and comms all the areas to work on now because once the initial months are over, anything that he has not surfaced now will be seen his fault (even though it may not be). That was what happened to Lui Tuck Yew.

Personal Courage
Secondly, the man has personal courage. Get this... "If my term turns out to be a thankless job" translates into, "If I fail...". He says that if he fails (and somehow, I don't think he will) it will be a personal loss, and that is OK with him because if he succeeds, millions will benefit.

Khaw's personal courage deserves respect, no?

Is he the hero we need?

He Can Write!
Thirdly, that man can write. His words meld into a medley of meaning, images, colours and emotion. His words draw you in and keep you wanting to read more. I can get drunk on his words, man!! Hmmm... what must it have been like when this fellow was writing love letters to his wife!


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Gintai_昇泰 said...

Like I said on my blog he could be the 3rd DPM if there's another DPM post! Wish him success!