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Monday, August 17, 2015

Olaprice & Street Deal LEGAL Scams

Olaprice and Street Deal advertise extensively on Facebook. They are one and the same, with 2 faces. Fortunately, I did not get caught. This guy did, however. He will explain in detail how the scam works.

I will share my own experience.

I was shopping for a travel blender and saw a FABULOUS deal on Olaprice. I clicked to buy. Then, I looked for a PayPal payment option. Unless it is a website I am familiar with, or that friends have recommended, I will stop short if I cannot find a PayPal option.

So, I stopped short and googled. I found THIS and THIS and THIS and THIS.

So, be warned. Do not buy from unknown vendors with your credit card. Reputable ones almost always have a PayPal payment option or a 3rd party one.

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