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Monday, August 17, 2015

Coconut Water Kefir

If the internet is anything to go by, coconut kefir has miraculous properties. See HERE. I am intrigued so I shall experiment to see if the health benefits are as claimed. Please also read up on the effects of a Healing Crisis HERE. Due to the effects of the Healing Crisis, please start drinking kefir in small amounts (e.g., 2 tablespoons a day only).

Coconut water with kefir grains inside a porcelain jar. Ferment for ONLY 8 hours. Beyond that, the water kefir grains will be starved of sugar and die. Also, the same grains cannot be used to make coconut kefir everyday. You will need to alternate between coconut water and raw sugar water. The grains feed and grow better on raw sugar. If you feed them coconut water everyday, they will slowly starve and die.

I have decided to use porcelain jars instead of glass because porcelain withstands heat better. I broke one glass container by sterilising it twice daily to make 2 batches of kefir a day.

The milk kefir are in these covered jars too. The fermentation releases gases, so these porcelain covers allow gas to seep out. Glass bottles with tight lids may break from the pressure from the gas build up. One cannot use an open cup either because insects get attracted to the fermentation and try to climb in.

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