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Monday, August 31, 2015

Ashbolt Elderflower Cordial

Picture taken from HERE.

The elderflower comes the Elder plant. Its leaves, roots and stems are toxic. The flowers and berries are edible. 

The pharmacies sell a preparation of the elderberry called Sambucol. Taken at the start of the flu, it is reported to help people get better faster. Taken as a supplement, it is reported to stave off flus.

The elderflower relieves phlegm very effectively. I have personal experience of that. After a flu, I tend to retain phlegm for weeks. Elderflower gets rid of that phlegm very well for me.

I have tried both elderberry and elderflower. I much prefer the taste of the elderflower cordial. Taken cold, its floral scent and citrus notes are refreshing on a hot day. Taken hot, it is a very comforting drink to sip in bed, and it is really good for relieving phlegm. It is medicine that tastes so good!

I love it so much that I even add it into vinaigrettes. Guests dribble it on and at the first bite, their eyes widen and they ask "What is in this salad sauce?"

Where to buy?
If it is just the taste you want, then head on down to Ikea. Their food shop sells a bottle called the Saft Flader. Else, you can also buy elderflower cordial from Marks & Spencer at Wheelock Place. However, these 2 preparations are not very effective when it comes to phlegm. 1 bottle is less than $15.

The preparation that tastes good and is medicinally effective comes from Ashbolt Farm in Tasmania. They deliver in boxes of Threes. If you add shipping, one bottle costs $35. 

How I Found Out About Elderflower
I first drank elderflower in Hobart Open Air Market, Tasmania... a hot preparation with a slice of lemon, on a cold day. The  drink sent a warm tingle right through to my toes and I went back for another styrofoam cup worth of it. After that, I made it my mission to load my luggage with as many bottles of the stuff as I could manage. It was delightful to see the faces of guests and friends light up when they took their first sip - unfamiliar taste but so very good!

After that, I mucked around with Ikea's and Marks & Spencer's versions. Meanwhile, I pined for the Ashbolt preparation. I even tried growing my own elderflower in order to make my own cordial. See recipe HERE. Then I found out that it will never flower in the tropics. The plant must experience sub zero temperatures to be induced to flower.

Finally, I took the plunge and ordered 18 bottles from Ashbolt Farm to be freighted in for friends and myself, at $35/bottle (including shipping).

It is well worth it.

I had phlegm last week and took one mug a day, hot. No more phlegm!

Precious bottles!


Anne Ashbolt said...

Petunia, thanks so much for this endorsement of our Elderflower Concentrate. We are very proud of our products and that they have reached the shores of Singapore - so far from Tasmania! All our products are preservative and additive free and are grown sustainably on our farm. My favourite way with our "elderflower tea" is with a slice of fresh ginger and lemon" - great before bed for a relaxing night's sleep.

Anne Ashbolt Ashbolt Farm.

Petunia Lee said...

You are welcome, Anne Ashbolt!