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Tuesday, July 7, 2015


The Husband has digestive issues. Food gets stuck in his gut. He obtained some relief with acidophilus capsules but what REALLY helps are smoothies. If an apple is cut, The Husband eats half an apple. If it is a smoothie, I can feed him TWO whole apples. At dinner, I fed him half a punnet of grapes and a quarter of a cucumber just by giving him a smoothie.

It really helps move food along his gut. There is less flatulence and he does not feel bloated anymore.

In smoothies, I feed him vegetables he doesn't like... cucumber, celery, peppers and avocados. I mix these with the fruits he likes and that makes it go down easier. He gets a smoothie at breakfast. He gets a smoothie at dinner. That means ONE whole punnet of grapes and HALF a cucumber in one day.

That is an achievement. It is very hard to get The Husband (and Smelly Boy) to eat lots of fruits and veggies. Smelly Boy is even harder. He can taste a SINGLE slice of cucumber blended with an entire pineapple... and then he won't drink the whole smoothie at all.

"There is cucumber in there, Mom," says he.

Cucumber and grapes with a bit of pineapple juice (about 100ml)

All mushed up n a blender.

Portioned into cups.

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