Thursday, April 2, 2015

Urban Farm and Barn

I had visited Urban Farm and Barn sometime at the end of last year but did not get around to blogging about it till now. The concept is quite interesting. They rent you trays and will look after your plants for you in a greenhouse environment. Every now and then, you harvest your trays, bring the veggies home and eat them.

You're supposed to grow micro-greens but I noted that there were trays and trays of HUGE luscious salads in one corner of the green house. A customer had improvised a system that allowed him/her to grow pretty big salads.

Kids love it. They get to sow seeds and come back the weekend after to harvest and eat. The trays come with a base layer of fertiliser. You buy soil and seeds... and you're set to go. 

The owner's thriving garden.

Huge heads of sunflowers from the owner's garden.

Kiddos at work.

Micro-greens in trays.


Harvest time!

These don't look like micro-greens to me!

Huge salads!

Huger salads.

I think these still look like micro-greens but they are PRETTY big micro-greens.

Is this an advertorial? Yes, it is. I did not get paid for it, though. The owner just happens to be someone I am quite fond of, you see. Besides, it IS really quite a cool concept if you stay in a small apartment and wanna grow your own organic veggies.

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