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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sarajevo, Bosnia

Lake Town, near the mountains of Erebor... **wink**

There are days when I view my phone with trepidation and disgust. This is especially so when Whatsapp came into being and people could send an infinite number of messages anytime.

Every so often, a message comes in that sends my cortisol levels through the roof. I already don't produce enough cortisol and when a shock like that blinks into my phone, all I want to do is crawl into bed and sleep (because when my cortisol is all used up I cannot stay awake).

The Daughter announced today that she was in Sarajevo. As I drove home, some vague memory of a Sarajevo being in Bosnia stirred. It was followed by a misty recollection of war in Bosnia. Heart in mouth, I asked Smelly Boy to Whatsapp into my phone... "You are in Bosnia?"

For those of you parents whose children are in primary school and you think your life is filled with worry and frustration, let me tell you that IT DOES NOT GET BETTER! 

It gets worse. 

These days, I wake up to daily Whatsapps announcing to me, names of places that I have never even heard of! And when I do recognise the name, it is associated with images of rape and pillage sent out by Reuters to the world's newspapers.

It doesn't feel better when she writes, "But, it's over already. See?". Yah right! Manage your mom like that! I did something naughty Mommy, but it's done already. See!

See what! No, I don't see!

First, it was Israel... then it was Jordan, and now, it is Sarajevo. I completely understand what Rapunzel's mother was thinking when she locked Rapunzel up in the tower. Of course, nowadays, towers are not much use because some smart aleck called Elisha Otis went and invented the elevator.

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