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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Matronic Roofing & Builders Pte Ltd

Okay... I did not get paid to do this post. This blog does not generate revenue. I am not a professional blogger. I am a professional something else who blogs. All products and services reviewed on this blog are done because I want to... and like.

The company is run by 3 brothers. I got to know of Matronic Roofing & Builders Pte Ltd through my friend, Simon. Matronic had re-built his relative's house and done extensive Addition and Alterations for Simon's terrace house. It was a good sign that close relatives were all using the same contractor. Simon warned me that if I was big on design and on adventurous architectural detail, then these brothers would not click with me, BUT if I was interested in strong construction, then they would be wonderful.

I was fine to take care of the design elements myself later. I just needed a builder who would properly build a lasting construction.

At first, I was still quite sceptical. I don't trust easily. Most contractors pitch for jobs using photos of completed works so as to WOW potential customers with lots of bling-bling in the form of marble finishes and imported tiles. Matronic came with a portfolio of photos of concrete being poured, waterproofing being done and roofs half-constructed... etc... 

I looked through those photos and I liked what I saw.

To tell how pretty a woman is, you need to see her without make up. To tell how well built a house is, you need to see the insides of the house being built. Once the shoddy brickwork is covered up with plaster, it is like Cameron Diaz's pimples covered up with a thick layer of foundation. 

Anyway, I had a very good experience with Matronic. They explained everything in detail before starting on any work. I was given drawings and an exhaustive talk-through before any work started. They were very patient when explaining things to me. They also gave me practical advice (that impacted strength of construction) on the design features I wanted. They did a fair bit of forward planning, asking for decisions from me 1 to 2 weeks earlier even on minor details so that they had time to organise the work schedule and have the different trades transit smoothly in and out.

After the horrendous experience of building this house from scratch, I am just so glad to have someone take on the planning, the co-ordination and the supervision. I don't want to deal with workers anymore.

My original builders had done a rather mediocre job installing my roof. It had begun to rust badly in parts. Matronic reconstructed part of the roof. They took care to study the specifications of the existing insulating layer and to replicate it exactly. My roof colour is quite unusual but they made the effort to find the exact colour.

Good workmanship right? Big Brother William started off as a roofer. When my roof was being done, Big Brother William was here everyday. I was at home but none of his workers bothered me. Big Brother William supervised the works very closely. 

This is in contrast to a 2nd contractor that we had engaged to do something else, whose supervisor was never around, and whose workers kept asking me technical questions I had no answers for.

New wood floors! Actually, they are vinyl strips that look so much like wood, you cannot tell them apart. Easy to wash. No need to wax nor polish. Scratch resistant. No trees were harmed in the process. Matronic's subcontractors were serious and efficient. Again, no one came to bother me with unnecessary questions.

Close-up of the vinyl "wood" tile. We used Vinflor. If you google, many companies provide this material now.

Big Brother William: 9436 6396
Little Brother Joe:  9792 4974
Click HERE for their website. 

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