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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Kudos to ITE

Half-finished plane.

In February, Smelly Boy discovered that there was a competition called "The Amazing Flying Machine".  He wanted to take part but there had been no precedent nor provision for this in his school. So, Smelly Boy set about selling the idea to his friends. Then he sold the idea to the Teacher-in-charge of a particular CCA. Finally, he submitted a proposal to school management.

By the time this was all done up, they had busted the registration deadline by 1 week. Fortunately, or unfortunately, as you will later discover, their late registration was accepted. So, the team set to work. The Teacher-in-Charge kindly drove the boys to buy balsam wood. Smelly Boy built the plane.

The teams presented their creations yesterday.

Smelly Boy came home rather dejected yesterday. It appears that the ITE teams had built very "pro" planes that looked like they were made with REAL tools (and they had had since last year to build the plane), whilst Smelly Boy had built his plane with my sewing scissors, his pen knife and a bottle of glue.

On top of that, Smelly Boy's team had not had the time to properly prepare the presentation. So, they spoke off the cuff. Predictably, it was also not a very "pro" presentation.

After mooning about some, Smelly Boy smiled brightly and said, "55% of the points go to flight test". My team is good at flying model planes so we still have a chance to win if we score there."

I rather think he is too optimistic. The other teams had built their planes from proven designs found off the internet. Smelly Boy designed his plane from scratch, calculated the dunno-what aspect-ratio and the various weights and proportions. It ain't a proven design. It is my Smelly Boy's DIY.

"What if it does not fly?" I worried.

"Then, we will learn from this year's mistakes and put up a better fight next year, Mom," Smelly Boy shrugged and went off to disinfect his armpits.

Meanwhile... waaaaaaaah... way to go! ITE Boys!! May the best team win!!

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