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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

We decided to celebrate Valentine's day early and "en famille". We all agreed that it was a wonderful Valentine's Day. The places were not crowded with lovey doveys. The flowers were not overpriced and celebrating with the kids gave this special day a special flavour.

In any case, The Daughter has always been a vocal advocate of celebrating Valentine's Day "en famille". Ever since age 7 (when we were short on babysitting help and had to trundle a new born in his pram and our 7 year old daughter along with us to Vis-à-Vis) The Daughter has never taken well to be excluded from our Valentine's Day celebrations. After all, Valentine's Day is a celebration of love, no?

Where else to find the richest and purest love than "en famille"? So, we went to Kushi Dining Bar at Hotel Royal, and then to Privé at CHIJMES. All of us thought it was the best Valentine's Day EVER... until I told Smelly Boy that henceforth, Family Valentine's Day would be a family tradition and when he got himself a girlfriend, she would have to spend it with us.

There was a minute of stunned silence and then Smelly Boy grinned at me the grin that said, "Yeah right!"

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