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Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Daughter is Home (for a while)

The Daughter is home for a month and her presence has made our lives full again. One can get used to a feeling of emptiness you know. You learn to live with the lack of joy and in a discoloured world,  without realising that vibrance has gone out of it... like a faded photograph. You just get used to the blandness and no longer are aware you are not THAT happy.

Then, when someone refreshes the colours in your photograph, you suddenly see very clearly how faded it had become. The Daughter had been away for so long that I had gotten used to the slightly drab day to day existence between work, eat and sleep. Life had become bland, its colours achromatised.

Now that she is home, there is a sense of fullness and gaiety in our house that renews the senses and refreshes the spirit. The car and the house are filled with her incessant chatter. She is the only person I know who can talk non-stop for 8 hours and she could already do that even when she couldn't really talk properly. She knew what her babble meant even if no one else did. That babble continued right through primary school and secondary school. It used to drive me nuts... and now, it just flows over each one of us (her Father, her Brother and I) like an invigorating breeze.

The Husband is talking more and laughing more this week. I feel soothed and comforted by her presence. 

So... this is what it feels like when a child comes home.

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