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Saturday, January 3, 2015

If I Die...

I was just staring at The Husband some days ago and my heart was almost bursting with love for the man that I have known for almost 3 decades. I decided that I loved him soooooo much that if I died, I would come back in my spiritual form to keep him from being lonely.

So, I told him that. Very enthusiastically too!

The last thing I expected from him after my heartfelt declaration of deep and everlasting love that would transcend even death, was this utter look of horror on his face. He did not, as it turned out, appreciate my readiness to return to his side, once dead.

I tried very hard to convince him that it would bring our relationship to a whole new level. S**ual relations would be out of this world for him, no? It turns out that he isn't adventurous enough to explore new otherworldly sensations in that area.

I was quite upset to discover that The Husband didn't love me enough to welcome me back in another more ethereal form. So, I asked Smelly Boy if he would be happy if I came back as an ectoplasm to spend time with him. Smelly Boy was very sure that he would not be happy.

The Daughter said pretty much the same thing too.

I actually feel very rejected and unloved. Gee... if any of them died, I would be most happy to welcome them back in whatever form they chose to take because I love them very much. What about you? Would you welcome your loved ones back?

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