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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Lemongrass Essential Oil

100% pure organic lemongrass essential oil.

Lemongrass essential oil flew quite under my radar. 

It was only when someone gave me a bottle from the Traditional Chinese Medical Hall that I stumbled upon a REALLY GOOD thing! The lemongrass oil from the Traditional Chinese Medical Hall was great for mosquito bites. It had been diluted with other oils and felt comfortable on the skin. 

However, after reading up on lemongrass essential oil, I also tried using it for pimples and scalp disinfection (i.e., itchy scalp, dandruff etc...). The bottle from the Traditional Chinese Medical Hall was not very good for these. It was too diluted.

So, I ordered PURE lemongrass oil from Herbal Sense Life. Google them. They are great! They have a very wide range of teas and oils. The lemongrass oil that arrived from Herbal Sense Life was VERY potent indeed. It is...

- anti-fungal (click HERE)... It cured me of a recurrent candidiasis infection after 2 applications only. For oily scalps that are prone to malassezia globosa (a fungus that feeds on hair oil and causes itchy scalp and dandruff), lemongrass oil does wonders! I wash my scalp twice a day and am still prone to itchy scalp. 2 drops mixed into shampoo is all it takes.

- anti-septic (click HERE)... It got rid of a pimple, and sorted out the foul-smelling bacteria under Smelly Boy's armpits

Lemongrass oil was even better than tea tree oil and lavender oil! The only problem is that it really burns the skin so it has to be very very diluted. For every 6 drops of tea tree oil in my shampoo, I need only 2 drops of lemongrass oil. The best thing is that lemongrass essential oil is non-oestrogenic. Tea tree oil and lavender oil are both oestrogenic (i.e., they contain plant oestrogens that   can worsen a host of female complaints). Overuse of tea tree oil has been shown to stimulate breast growth in men. Tea tree oil and lavender oil also tend to give me very bad PMS symptoms. 

This does not happen with lemongrass oil. I am thrilled with my discovery... and to think I live in the tropics, and this oil has been right under my nose all these years!!

Diluted lemongrass oil from the Traditional Chinese Medical Hall. 
This is good for mosquito bites.

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