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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

UNSW Writing

I had never heard of UNSW Writing till today. My own kids took Higher Distinction in the UNSW English, not Writing. The difference is that one tests MCQ. The other tests composition writing. 

So, this came as a surprise. This child signed herself up for this without telling me and the results have just been released. Seriously, to all of Dr Pet's mommies who are reading this, please do not give me any more gifts nor presents. From 2015 onwards, I will return every single gift that is presented to me, no matter what the occasion (from Teachers' Day to Mooncake Festival). I don't want gifts. 

I want committed parent-child pairs, and emails reporting results like the one below.

Actually, I am doubly proud of this Mommy. She is not a graduate. Yet, she writes better than some graduates I know - coherent and clear. This Mommy's overall socio-psychological circumstances were such that she had to be doubly committed and 3 times more determined than anyone else to make it work. There was so much weighing this Mother down. I think this Mommy is a prime example of the adage "Love Conquers All."

For more student results, go HERE.

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