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Monday, November 24, 2014


The Husband and I celebrate our birthdays together. This year, we decided to go and eat truffles. We booked a table at Ristorante da Valentino and ordered truffle pasta. The truffle cost $12 per gram. There were 15 grams worth of truffle shavings atop the pasta. Ok... you can do the Math right?

Never mind. We did not celebrate our birthdays the past 2 years so I rationalised this under 3 celebrations in one. Fewer celebrations but maximum delectation.

Unfortunately, it wasn't very delectable. The truffle was bland as bland can be. It smelled of nothing at all. The reasons can be as follows...

(1) Valentino's had mistakenly bought Tuber Indicum (which are lookalike truffles from China) - See HERE. You just have to give it to the PRC people. They can forge anything - even truffles.

(2) Petunia's palate was not refined enough to taste the subtle truffle taste... but no lehhh... I am generally quite good at differentiating tastes. This time, I tasted nothing.

(3) We had black truffle, which should really be heated to release its flavours. These shavings had not been heated so they did not release their flavours.

Black Truffle at Valentino's

Alba White Truffle at Garibaldi. This one had flavour. 
The Husband had this as an invited guest. I was not there.

Hmmmm... I am not keen to try truffle again. It is a lot of money to pay to taste nothing. In contrast, $5 can get you a laksa with kick... and $2.50 can get you xin zhou mi fen with crispy edges (like a flavourful cross between a roti prata and fried beehoon). Really... I should keep my feet firmly planted on the ground, and eat from our Singaporean culinary tradition... rather than try all these fanciful whimsies.

I am trying NOT to think about the money I spent for tasting nothing.


Xin zhou mi fen with crispy edges.

The first time we went to Valentino's, we had a great meal. See HERE. This time around, it wasn't that great and even more expensive.

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