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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Small Setback Leading to Large Setback

From Empty Water Bottle To Cuts And Abrasions
The water bottle was not properly closed. By the time I had cycled to the beach, all the water was gone. That irritated and frustrated me. It was just a small thing but because I kept chewing on the idea, it distracted me from the route.

The cycling path towards the beach has slopes that go up and go down. I fell on a down slope. It was a painful fall and the bike was damaged. It was nothing serious because I had a few cuts, some abrasions and a big fat scare.

However, compared to an empty water bottle, it was quite a bit more serious.

From A Badly Sighted Pistol To A Disastrous Competition Result
Smelly Boy loves guns. It was a no brainer for me to sign him up for shooting classes, from whence he progressed to shooting competitions. He had, in fact, been talent spotted by the RI shooting coach for DSA... but stubborn Petunia chose not to DSA him.

He took part in a competition on Sunday. His gun was badly sighted so his first shot went awry. He scored that first shot in the lowest of the low. This irritated and frustrated him. A badly sighted air pistol is common. It is a small thing and only requires a few adjustments with knobs to fix. However, Little Boy kept chewing on the missed first shot. It distracted him from all his shots in the first 2 sets.

He recovered at the 3rd set, calming himself down and placing the poor shots behind him. 拿 得 起 放 得 下.

Nonetheless, the damage was done. For the very first time, Smelly Boy was chewed up by his coach.

Little J's Wrong Paper Leading To Lousy Marks
This little boy had written on the wrong paper. In itself, this was a small thing. However, his emotional balance left him entirely because of this little mishap. As he was writing, he failed to implement all the writing techniques that he had practised so hard for a year.

His compo score was rather dismal, even if he did not fail.

If only he had been able to 拿 得 起 放 得 下  Then, he would not have allowed an earlier setback to lead on to a later and more serious setback. All these thoughts fell into place in my head as I sat there almost in tears wondering exactly which part of my body was in excruciating pain. I tell you... everything hurt.

So, on the way back, I resolved to write this post for Little J's mommy to read. Hopefully, she and I can train Little J to 拿 得 起 放 得 下, so that at his PSLE... one small setback won't lead on to an overall disaster.

Post-Script: Pilot Training
A blog reader helpfully told me that in fighter pilot training, the pilots are specifically trained to ignore and accept small errors so as to prevent bigger ones with fatal consequences.

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