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Friday, November 14, 2014

Blk 122 Sin Ming Road

At Blk 122 Sin Ming Road, there are 3 kopi tiams in the same block. The kopi tiam on the far left has an over representation of yummy food. There is...

- Ah Orh Teochew Seafood (1 pomfret for $75)
- Braised duck (and Kiam Chye Duck Soup)
- Bak Kut Teh (peppery sort)

Ah Orh Teochew Seafood's cold crabs are chockfull of yellow roe EVERY time. This time though, the flesh was a bit dry... like overcooked. It is $15 for one teeny crab (full of roe). I could not help comparing this with New Chua Kee Restaurant's delectably delicious black pepper crab. There is no fight. New Chua Kee's crabs win hands down. I don't think I will order Ah Orh Seafood's cold crabs again. Too expensive, too small... even if full of roe.

Braised duck... best!

Everyone orders this. Once, I noticed no queue at the stall. It was because they had run out of duck soup.

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