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Friday, August 29, 2014


Smart Kids With Powerful Brains but Weak Batteries
I had identified 3 children who under perform because they run out of mental energy too quickly. Yes, yes... the world is unfair. Some kids have mental stamina. Some kids don't. These are smart kids but like any smart phone with powerful apps, they become incapable when their battery runs out.

Managing Levels of Happy Hormone and Focus Hormone
Unfortunately for these 3 smart kids, their batteries run out in an hour or so. When they are rested and un-stressed, they think well and fast. After an hour, their brains wind to a stop. I really mean STOP. They stare at their work and look like idiots. From genius to idiot in 1 hour flat. We have been able to get 2 of these 3 children to pull in the grades in composition by simply managing...

(1) their exam anxiety. Anxiety consumes norepinephrine (the focus and concentration hormone), leaving none for exam performance...

(2) their mood states in the 2 days leading up to the exams. Happy moods produce dopamine (the happy hormone) which is necessary for the synthesis of norepinephrine (the focus and concentration hormone)... With enough dopamine stored up in the days leading up to exams, the children had larger stores of norepinephrine (the focus and concentration hormone) to use in exams.

(3) etc... there are a few other strategies which I will not talk about here or the post will be too long.

Regular Dosing With Vallarai
Anyway, these children have poor mental stamina and high anxiety. I decided to put them on a daily dose of vallarai. See HERE for how vallarai affects mental function.

I gave this herb to Little Boy regularly from P4 to P6 to help him focus. I eat this herb regularly to keep away arthritic pain from my fingers. I know it has an effect on the brain because I get very vivid dreams when I am eating this herb. When I stop eating the herb, the dreams also stop... and my morning arthritic pains come back.

Vallarai from the Indian grocer near Tekka Market. Now you know why Indians are so smart. They eat this as a vegetable in dhals and chutneys REGULARLY. Walk into any Indian grocery, ask for vallarai and they will exclaim "Good for memory!" I grow my own vallarai but bought my first bunch from the Indian grocer at Admiralty Market.

The Indian Grocer

Lightly microwaved inside my cup. I chew, swallow and drink up.

One Mommy gives it to her son in a strawberry smoothie. 4 leaves a day for 2 weeks will do. Stop another 2 weeks before resuming daily dosage.

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