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Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Tiger Shark Robot Pool Cleaner

The robot pool cleaner has a macho name. It is called the Tiger Shark. It is a cute little thing designed to scrub the sides of the swimming pool and suck up debris from the pool floor. It saves us the trouble of manually scrubbing the pool and vacuuming debris. Best of all, it saves us RM$350 a month in pool maintenance fees. It is not so much that I begrudge an honest pool cleaner his wages. It is more that I don't think the fellow cleaned my pool at all. It turned greener and greener as the weeks passed. I could see algae along the walls too.

Oh well... the pool is crystal clear again!!

The Tiger Shark robot pool cleaner.

The automatic chlorine dispenser.

Little Boy skimming off leaves from the pool surface.

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